Two-year-old program

Two is a big year.  The period from 24 to 36 months is filled with exploration, questioning, discovery and determination to find meaning in events, objects and words.  Toddlers are entering a new phase of mental activity through their experimentation with objects, language, and social interactions.  Our two-year-old program responds to their growing energy and curiosity with fun learning activities and creative playtime’s that encourage exploration while introducing structure and an established routine. Goals:

  • To be loved and accepted for themselves
  • Learn to play together (share)
  • Begin to develop an attention span
  • Develop a love for books
  • Develop a love for music and movement
  • Name primary colors
  • Identify shapes and colors
  • Count 1-10
  • Begin to group 1 to 5 objects
  • Follow age appropriate directions
  • Experiment with different art objects
  • Speak in sentences


  • Listen to stories (books, Bible stories)
  • Music and movement class
  • Look at books independently
  • Play with blocks and puzzles
  • Housekeeping play areas, dress-up
  • Art: drawing, coloring, painting, cutting, playdough
  • Observe holidays and birthdays
  • Sensory table with sand, water, etc.
  • Outdoor play