Three-year-old preschoolers are playful, curious, and creative.  Their world is full of exciting and interesting ideas to explore and learn about.  The three-year-old program at LMPC fosters children’s developmental and academic growth in a safe and supportive environment. Opportunities for conversation, exploration, and peer interaction are provided in our classrooms each day.  Lesson plans are created around monthly thematic units and are implemented through activities that focus on the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive growth of each child.   Our program also helps to foster your child’s spiritual growth through daily prayer, weekly visits to Chapel, reading bible stories, and by learning bible verses and songs each month.   Goals:

  • Develop a positive self-image
  • Develop skills of sharing and manners
  • Develop an attention span
  • Develop a love for books and music
  • Develop fine motor skills, gross motor skills and listening skills
  • Learn basic safety rules
  • Show initiative in selecting and creating activities
  • Maintain interest in self-selected activities and play
  • Understand how to accomplish a simple task
  • Organize actions and materials needed for play in learning centers
  • Seek help when encountering a problem in play
  • Talk about prior events and personal experiences
  • Use prior knowledge to understand new experiences
  • Predict possible outcomes related to cause and effect
  • Continue identifying colors and shapes
  • Recognize numbers 1-10 and what these numerals stand for
  • Follow age appropriate directions
  • Experiment with different art media


  • Listen to stories (books, Bible stories)
  • Music and movement class
  • Look at books independently
  • Play with blocks and puzzles
  • Housekeeping play areas, dress-up
  • Art: drawing, coloring, painting, cutting, playdough
  • Observe holidays and birthdays
  • Sensory table with sand, water, etc.
  • Outdoor play