New Covid-19 Protocols and Procedures

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A Christian Education Committee oversees the Day School. The program is administered by the Director of the Day School who meets with the CE Committee regularly to discuss school policies and activities. The CE Committee is responsible for setting of policies, budget, tuition rates, etc.


Authorization in Pick-up

At the time of enrollment, all parents will complete an Authorization for Pick-up Form. This will let us know who is approved to pick-up your child. The individuals (adults) who are listed on the Pick-up Authorization Form have the authority to pick up your child at any time, without notice. Although they are listed, please let us know beforehand who will be picking up your child. Please inform the individual(s) who will be picking up your child that they will need to show a photo identification card before they will be allowed to pick up your child. If there is someone picking up your child, other than who is listed on the form, you will need to contact the Day School office or you may give the teacher a note in writing as to who will be picking up your child. If parents need to make a permanent change on the form to add an authorized person, you will need to stop by the office. Please be aware that if there are any questions or concerns regarding who is picking up a child, we will not release anyone until we can confirm arrangements with the parents.
LMPC reserves the right to not release a child to any individual if we feel it is not safe. In the event that a parent or individual picking up a child arrives intoxicated, we will NOT release the child under any circumstance and the parents or emergency person(s) will be contacted to come and pick up the child.
Parents may not withhold parental privileges (i.e., picking up your child) from one another without legal documentation. In cases of court ordered guardianship/non-custodial guardianship, the parent or legal guardian must provide the legal documents to LMPC Day School in order for us to make sure the proper release is being followed. In the event that a non-custodial parent wrongfully tries to pick up a child without a court ordered permission, we will immediately call 911.


Carpool Line

Please refer to the COVID-19 Protocols and Procedures

Child Abuse and Neglect

The safety of our children is our primary concern. South Carolina is a mandated reporting state. We are bound by law to report any suspicions of child abuse or neglect. No LMPC Director or Designee may prevent a teacher, staff member, or other adult from reporting a suspicion to the state authorities. LMPC, does, however, request that the Director and/or her Designee is first made aware of your suspicions.


Confidentiality regarding our children and families is our top priority. Because of this, we ask parents to please not to discuss situations of children while they are in the center with others. All children and employee files are confidential. All records, including screenings, are secured and kept in a locked file cabinet in the Day School office. Parents, directors, designees, and regulatory officials will be granted access to children’s files.

Earthquake, Fire, and Tornado Drills

The Day School conducts fire/tornado drills on a monthly basis. In the event that the alarm goes off when you are either dropping off or picking up your child, you will need to stay with your child until his/her class returns to the classroom so we can make sure all children are accounted for. When the alarm is activated, teachers will have the children proceed to the designated area in response to the alarm. Each room has an evacuation plan posted. Teachers are not able to accept or dismiss children during an alarm. If the alarm is sounding, please do not enter the building.

Emergency Closings

There are times when the school may have to close unexpectedly due to power outage (air quality control) water outage (toilets), phone outage (emergency contacts), gas leaks, environmental hazard, etc. Please make sure that we have the most current working phone numbers for you. When called to pick up your child, please do so in a timely manner (within 30 minutes).
If the Day School experiences an emergency, the decision to close the school will be considered.
Please note that when closing is a question, the safety of the children and staff is our utmost concern. In all situations, the consideration of how and how long will the emergency will last will be the decision.
In the event of an emergency causing an off-site evacuation, all children and staff will be moved to: Lake Murray Elementary School. Their phone number is 803-476-4600. All families will be contacted at the first available time. Please note that there will also be a designated place to pick up children.

Emergency Preparedness

Plan In the event of an emergency or disaster, LMPC Day School has established a preparedness plan that staff has been trained to follow. If the Director is not on site, a designated person (designee) is in charge. Any person who would like to view these plans may stop by the Day School office.

Enrollment Requirements

Enrollment shall be granted without discrimination because of sex, race, creed, color or political belief. The Day School, which is a ministry of Lake Murray Presbyterian Church, was developed in response to the need for high quality child care in the Chapin community. Unfortunately, the need for this care exceeds our ability to serve all families who are interested in attending. Therefore, the following order will be followed in filling spaces:
  • Children currently enrolled
  • Children of sibling(s) currently enrolled;
  • All other children as they chronologically appear on the waiting list (earliest date first).
EXCEPTION: In the event a teacher needs to be hired and has a child who needs a space, a priority will be given to the teacher if space is available.
We do not provide drop-in care.
Children will be assigned to their age group/classrooms based on their correct age on or before September 1. In the event that a child is not born when school starts, tuition fees must be made to reserve the child’s space. When there are no more spaces in the age group, a waiting list will be started. Please see below under “Waiting List” for more information regarding the process.
Once a parent has been notified of an available space, they have 5 business days to accept the position and complete the registration process. Failure to comply with the admission requirements will be considered as non-acceptance and the available space will be offered to the next child on the waiting list.

Extended Care Activities

Extracurricular activities are available through private contractors. If you are interested in enrolling your child in any of these activities, please stop by the office. All activities are offered on school premises. Before children can attend an Extended Care Activity, proper forms (including DSS #2930) must be completed with signatures and turned into the office.

Field Trips

Parents will be notified in writing of any planned field trips requiring transportation prior to each field trip and are encouraged to attend with their children. All children participating in a field trip off campus are required to have a parent transport their child on the field trips, as LMPC Day School does NOT transport children. If parents cannot attend a field trip, they need to make arrangements for an adult to be responsible for their child.


Any inquiries, suggestions, etc., should be made to the Director. If anyone has any concerns regarding your child or the school, we encourage you to go to the teacher first, then the director. Many times, communication at this level can resolve the concern. If a solution is not agreed upon, you may submit a letter to the Advisory Board that will be discussed at the appropriate time.


Children not enrolled in LMPC Day School will not be allowed to attend preschool nor be allowed on school premises at any time without a parent/guardian (No house guests, please!). Parents and/or relatives are invited to visit at any time, with parent’s approval. If a relative is coming without a parent, we request that you notify the Director prior to the visit. Please note that Guests will have to sign in at the Receptionist’s Desk in order to have temporary access to the Day School area. All visitors, therapist, etc. must also sign in at the Day School office.

Inclement Weather/Closing Policies

When inclement weather is a question, the Day School will use School District Five of Lexington & Richland Counties in making closing decisions for LMPC Day School. However, we reserve the right to evaluate the severity of the situation and close even if School District Five of Lexington & Richland Counties elect to remain open. If the school district announces a one-hour delay, we will open to all students at 9:00am. If the school announces a two hour delay, we will open at 10:00am to full-time students only. If the School District Five closes for the day, we will also be closed. If the school districts announces an early dismissal, we will do so as well. If you are called during the day to pick up your child from school due to a building/maintenance problem, please do so immediately (within an hour). There are rare occasions when the children may need to be picked up in the event there is a fire, electrical problem, gas leak, etc., or a local emergency. In all situations, we will try to update the answering machine and notify local news stations as quickly as possible in the event of any unscheduled closings. No adjustments will be made to tuition due to weather related closings and/or building/maintenance related closings. If possible, we will also send out updates electronically and/or post on the Day School and Lake Murray Presbyterian Church’s website.

Open Door Policy

Parents have full and free access to their child(ren) without prior notice, while their child is receiving care, unless there is a court order limiting parental access. Parents are welcome to visit and participate in classes during regular school sessions, but this free access must not disrupt instructional activities and classroom routines.

Naps/Rest Time

All children in the Toddler and Two-year-old classes take a 2 hour nap. Toddlers nap on cots and the two-year-olds nap on rest mats. You will need to send a (small) blanket or “lovie” that can be kept at school (don’t forget to label it). Crib sheets (we provide) and blankets are laundered on a weekly basis and/or as needed.
*Children in the three and four-year-old classes can either nap (2 hours) or rest (30 minutes).

Potty Training

All children entering our Three or Four-year-old programs must be potty trained and be able to use the toilet independently. Pull-ups are not permissible on the older hall. We do not have diapering facilities in these classrooms. Please be sure to send, in a labeled (Ziploc) bag that can be kept at school, extra underwear and a change of clothes (including socks and shoes) in case of an “accident.”

Provisional Employment

Lake Murray Presbyterian Church Day School may provisionally employ a person in order to comply with state laws and regulations when an unexpected staff vacancy occurs. This means that a Sled Catch has been conducted, but results from the FBI have not been received.


Staff-child ratios are in keeping with South Carolina Child Care Licensing Laws and Regulations. These ratios are posted throughout the school.


Every child attending the LMPC Day School must re-enroll every year. Full-time children enroll for either 10 or 12 months and part-time children enroll for 10 months (August – June). The Day School will also enroll children throughout the year when/if spaces are available. In order to retain their child’s space for the following school year, the required re-enrollment forms and registration fees must be turned in by the designated date to the Day School office. Registration is typically in February prior to school beginning in September. Children enrolling in the Day School whose families are members of Lake Murray Presbyterian Church will receive a $50 discount off their registration fees.

School Hours and Holidays

LMPC Day School operates Monday thru Friday, from 6:45am to 6:00pm and uses Lexington-Richland District 5’s calendar as a guideline regarding holidays and closings. All holidays observed by School District Five of Lexington & Richland Counties will be observed by Lake Murray Presbyterian Church Day School.


Full-time and part-time spaces are available in all age groups with a limited number of spaces in each classroom. Any openings resulting from children withdrawing from the program will be filled throughout the school year. Children will remain in their age groups until the following August when they will move to their new classroom. We do not move children from room to room during the year, for any reason.

Skin/Lip Lotions

LMPC Day School does not apply over-the-counter lotions and lip balms. Sun screen will be applied in the afternoons with sunscreen provided by the parent. These items can be applied prior to arrival at school by a parent. This policy is in place for the safety of all children. If your child is particularly sensitive to the sun, you may also want to send a hat for use on the playground.

Snack and Meal Times

Snack time is at 10:00 a.m. and at 3:00 pm which the Day School will provide. Children will need to bring their lunch if they are staying past 12:00 pm. Please remember to clearly label your child’s lunch box and include a drink. Lunch is eaten between 12:00 p.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Tracking of Children

All children are signed in and out on a daily basis on a class roster by teachers. We will keep a written account detailing each child’s entrance and departure times from the classroom, and movements throughout the facility.


All child care center staff are required to take training classes every year to meet licensing regulations. SC Endeavors (f.k.a. The Center for Child Care Career Development or CCCCD) has been designated by the South Carolina Department of Social Services (DSS) to maintain a training registry for all DSS child care training hours. Training hours may include the areas of: Curriculum, Growth & Development, Safety, Health, Nutrition, Guidance, Professional Development, and must include Blood Borne Pathogen training as required by OSHA. Staff will also receive training in CPR/First Aid and emergency and evacuation plans on an annual basis.

Tuition and Payment Policies

LMPC Day School operates on income from registration and tuition fees with additional funds provided through the Parents Organization’s fundraising efforts. The registration and tuition fees are set by the Day School’s Advisory Board and is based on the needs of the school. Before registering your child in our program, we ask that you prayerfully consider the financial obligations that are set and that you are agreeing to abide by our policies.

Tuition Credit and Waivers

There will be no deduction in tuition for daily absenteeism or for school closings. Fees are based on a contracted period and are due regardless of attendance. If you need financial assistance, please write a letter to the LMPC Day School Advisory Team detailing your needs. The Director will take all requests to the Team and you will be notified of their decision in writing.

Waiting List

LMPC Day School requires a non-refundable application fee to have your child’s name placed on our waiting list. A waiting list is started when there are no available spaces in a particular age group and/or classroom. Interested persons can get on the waiting list by either participating in registration (February) or by submitting a Waiting List Application to the Day School office. Applications will not be accepted between January – February in order to prepare for registration. Parents may put their child’s name on more than one waiting list if applicable. Information regarding Registration will be mailed out prior to registration to each child on the waiting list. To download a Waiting List Application, please go to the “Forms” tab.


Registration fees are non-refundable. Once a child is registered for a space, that child is considered to be enrolled. A child is considered enrolled for the school/calendar year when registration fees are paid and required papers are completed turned in at the Day School office. If it becomes necessary for parents to withdraw their child(ren), it is expected that the parents will give a 30 day written notice to the Director. If a 30 day notice is not given, the parents are responsible for one month’s tuition and any applicable late fees. Please note that your signature on the Registration Forms mean you are agreeing to all of LMPC Day School’s policy, including the Withdrawal Policy.
LMPC Day School reserves the right to terminate services when services are not followed, such as but not limited to:
Failure to pay tuition fees in a timely basis; 3 late pick-ups (after 12:00pm for nursery, after 6:00pm for all other children); If we are unable to meet the needs of all children in a classroom due to a child requiring special needs or individual attention; Severe behaviors that endanger other children or staff, Bringing ill children to school or excessive delays in picking up children who are ill, Failure (repeatedly) to comply with Day School’s Policies.


Medical & Health Related Issues



Minor first aid will be administered as needed. A Parent Advisory Note describing the incident and action taken will be given to the parent. A parent signature is required on the Parent Advisory Note. One copy will be sent home with the parent and the other copy will be filed in the child’s folder. If a medical emergency arises and the parent/guardian cannot be contacted, the Day School will call 911 and have child transported by ambulance to Lexington Medical Center in Chapin, 557 Columbia Avenue (932-0655). The resulting medical bill will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian of the child treated. Please note that it is very important that we have valid and up to date information for emergency contact purposes. Please notify us immediately of changes.

Allergies, Medical Conditions and Health Issues

Please notify us immediately of any allergies and or medical conditions your child may have. If your child has a life threatening allergy to a certain food, you will need to provide a Food Action Allergy Plan. This plan will identify your child, his/her allergy, the action plan, emergency contact information, etc. Allergy medicine must be clearly labeled and will be stored in a lockbox in the Day School office. Please refer to the policies under the “Medicine” section for details. Communication between home and school is important for the health and safety of all the children. Please make sure you are familiar and understand the Day School’s policy regarding sick children.

Diaper Cream and Ointment

If your child is still in diapers or is in the process of potty training, please make sure to bring in a tube of diaper cream to be kept here at school. This will be labeled and only used for your child. Please note that per D.S.S. regulations, diaper cream is considered an “over-the-counter medication” (as well as Neosporin). On the Parent’s Authorization Pick-up form, you will need to make sure to circle either “yes” or “no” regarding staff applying diaper cream and first aid ointment.


When an emergency arises and the parent/guardian cannot be contacted, the Day School will call 911 and have child transported by ambulance to Lexington Medical Center in Chapin, 557 Columbia Avenue (932-0655). The resulting medical bill will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian of the child treated.

Emergency Medical Plan

In the case of accident or serious illness, it is the school’s policy to call the parents immediately. If the parents cannot be reached, the responsible adults listed on the Emergency Treatment Form will be called. Their directions will be followed. If none of the responsible adults can be reached, the child’s physician will be called and his/her directions will be followed.
Loss of consciousness Semi-consciousness Breathing difficulties Severe bleeding Unequal pupils Seizure Neck or back injury Continuous clear drainage from nose/ears after a blow to the head Severe headache Stiff neck or neck pain when head is moved Hives that appear quickly Very sick child who seems to getting worse quickly Repeated forceful vomiting Vomiting blood Severe abdominal pain that causes a child to double over Abdominal pain after a blow to the abdomen Possible broken bones Shock The following steps will be taken in a medical emergency:
Staff members will be trained to recognize signs and symptoms of conditions that require immediate medical attention. When such symptoms appear, staff will:
Call 911 immediately upon recognizing signs and symptoms that require immediate medical attention. Call the child’s parent/guardian immediately after calling 911 to inform them of the child’s symptoms and informing them that the child will be transported by ambulance to Lexington Medical Hospital (or other hospital specified on registration form) for medical care. Please note that the Director or her designee will accompany the child to the hospital. LMPC Day Schools’ staff, substitute teachers, and/or emergency personnel will also be called to insure that proper ratios are maintained at all times. Provide first aid as trained in an approved First Aid training course until emergency personnel arrive. Take the child’s emergency medical information form(s) with them to the hospital.

Hand Washing

It is of the utmost importance that we keep our children healthy and avoid outbreaks of contagious illnesses. For this reason, as well as the increase of food allergies, our rules concerning health issues are suitably strict including a healthy habit of hand washing. When entering the classrooms, all children and adults are to wash their hands.

Health and Safety

During hours of operation there shall be no smoking or consumption of alcoholic beverages in the areas used by children. Smoking shall be permitted only in designated areas, a safe distance from the school. Consumption of alcoholic beverages or use of other non-prescription narcotic or illegal substances is prohibited on the school premises. People who appear to be under the influence of alcohol or other drugs shall not be allowed in the school.

Health Requirements

Children should not be brought to school with any signs of illness or if you suspect an illness. Children should be fever free for at least 72 hours before returning to school following any illness. If your child is well enough to come to school, he/she is well enough to participate in the regular routine. Please advise us if your child contract a contagious disease so other parents may be notified. It is important that each child follow these policies for their own protection and that of others. For more information regarding sick children, please refer to our “Sick Policy”.

Health Statement

All children who attend Lake Murray Presbyterian Church Day School must complete a General Record & Statement of Child’s Health from a parent/guardian attesting to the health status of the child within 30 days prior to admission and utilizing the appropriate DSS Form (#2900). This form is one of three required forms that will need to be completed during the registration process.



A South Carolina Certificate of Immunization (DHEC Form 1148) must be on file for each child at the beginning of school. Children cannot attend without a current immunization record on file (No Shots – No School). Your physician may fax a copy to the Day School office. The fax number is (803) 345-5143.



LMPC Day School will administer prescription medication orally, such as antibiotics, to children if needed. Please note that all medication must be clearly labeled in its original container with the child’s name, dosage information, and the doctor and pharmacist identification by the dispensing pharmacy. Medication with a handwritten label or labels written out by any entity other than the dispensing pharmacy will not be accepted. The medication needs to be placed in the lockbox in the Day School office. A parent must complete and sign the Medication Permission Form before medication can be administered. These forms are located in the Day School office. We try to keep the times we administer medication to a minimum. This eliminates errors in a dosage or missed dosages. We would request that you discuss, with your doctor, any options in the dosage of medication to eliminate the necessity of medications being given at school (ex. antibiotics given once or twice daily instead of three times, etc.). In the event that children accidentally receive the wrong medication, parents of both parties, will be called immediately to inform them of the situation and a written account of the incident will be also provided to both parents. Parents must sign their children up for medicine on a weekly basis.

Please note that LMPC Day School DOES NOT administer non-prescription medicines such as: Numbing Ear Drops, Cough Syrup, Tylenol, Children’s Motrin, or any other “comfort medicines.”



Policy LMPC Day School is equipped to care for well children only. If a child is well enough to attend, that child must participate in all activities, including outside play. Please do not send your child to school if he or she has been sick the night before. If your child has had any of the following, the Day School requires that you keep him/her out of school for the protection of himself/herself and others: bad cold, runny nose with green/yellow discharge, uncontrolled cough, sore throat, mouth sores, fever, “cold” in the eye, swelling the eye, mucus in the eye, infected glands, rash, skin eruptions, impetigo, ring worm, earache, headache, acute pain, severe lethargy, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and/or any condition that prevents the child from participating in usual activities or requiring one-on-one care.

Please keep your child home for seventy-two (72) hours after a fever has broken.

If your child gets sick at school, (this means if your child develops a fever, has diarrhea, vomits, or is not well enough to remain at school, etc.) you will be called and expected to pick him/her up immediately. If you cannot pick your child up, please make arrangements for someone to do so promptly. If we cannot reach either parent, emergency contacts listed on your registration form will be called. Please make sure that these persons are aware that they may be called to pick your child up in case of an illness and/or accident.

If a child is sent home for any reason, he or she may not return to school the next day.

Please note that a child may not remain at school with fever or diarrhea for any reason.

Please notify a Director if your child has been exposed to a contagious disease such as COVID-19, chicken pox, head lice, pin worms, etc. If your child has had any of the above, please keep him/her home for at least seventy-two (72) hours after treatment and/or until all symptoms are gone.In case of COVID-19, please refer to the recommendations of the CDC. In the case of chicken pox, children should be kept home for a minimum of seven days from the start of an outbreak and/or until all spots are blistered and dry. In the case of head lice, LMPC Day School requires that children are completely nit-free before returning.


Behavior Management & Discipline Policy

We believe that children learn positive behavior through education and redirection. When children receive positive, non-violent and understanding interactions from adults and others, they develop good problem solving abilities and self-discipline. The Day School encourages positive reinforcement and persuasion to avoid any punishment.

We Will:

praise, reward, encourage children model appropriate behavior give alternatives for inappropriate behaviors listen and treat them with respect stay consistent in our behavior management program. We Do Not:

Spank, bite, shake, pinch, pull, slap, or otherwise physically punish the children Criticize, make fun of, yell at, threaten, make sarcastic remarks about, use profanity at children Shame or punish children when bathroom accidents occur Allow discipline of children by children Leave children alone, unattended or without supervision Many times, a simple redirection or a talk with the teacher is all that is necessary to correct an undesirable behavior. In the event that further correction is necessary, the following procedures will be observed:

A verbal warning or reprimand is given-this may or may not be followed by a period of a time out. This quiet time will allow the child an opportunity to calm him/herself and rejoin normal class activities. The time out period will be one minute per age of child. If the above step is not successful or the behavior continues, this may result in the loss of an opportunity to participate in a class activity. If the loss of a privilege is not successful in correcting and redirecting a child’s behavior the child may be brought to the office. Sometimes a period of isolation away from his/her peers affords a child an opportunity to “regroup.” In the event that a child is disruptive or hurtful in a manner that cannot be corrected or if a child is simply unable to gain self-control, a parent will be called to come and pick up the child. In cases of severe behaviors, such as: excessive biting, fighting, inappropriate language, disrespect for others or violent actions of any sort may result in temporary or permanent removal from LMPC Day School at the discretion of the Director and the Day School Advisory Board.

In all cases, a Parent Advisory Notice is completed advising the parent of the incident and action taken. Many times a parent will receive several notes and then a conference may be requested between the teacher, parent, and director to address specific concerns/problems.

Please note that Lake Murray Presbyterian Church Day School strictly prohibits the use of corporal (physical) punishment for any reason. No child will be deprived of food, drink, nap, and/or bathroom access for any reason. Please report any concerns to the Director immediately.