Infant program

Our infant/nursery program is highlighted by loving caregivers focused on the individual needs of your baby.  Your baby will explore and learn in a nurturing environment that provides the warmth and security he or she is used to receiving at home. Infants explore the world around them through their senses and physical actions.  They are born curious and ready to learn.  Our nursery program is designed to develop your child’s natural curiosity and emerging skills with various age appropriate experiences and exercises which help your child progress at his/her own speed. Language development is crucial during the infant period, even before they acquire noticeable verbal skills.  Infants have their own, ever-changing form of communication, which we actively encourage.  We even begin to teach American Sign Language, which helps the nonverbal child communicate and helps to facilitate basic needs communication. Infants need individualized care and depend on nurturing relationships for positive physical, social, emotional and cognitive growth. They develop best when they have a trusted caregiver who can read their cues and respond to their needs. Our caregivers ensure that each child in their care feels secure and comforted. Rest assured that you are leaving your child in loving hands. Goals:

  • Interact with familiar adults
  • Lift head
  • See objects and follow motions
  • Begin to eat baby food
  • Roll over, sit up, stand with assistance, walk with support
  • Show emotions
  • Begin to communicate both verbally and nonverbally
  • Copy sounds and gestures of others


  • Playing with age appropriate toys
  • Imitating and pretending
  • Enjoying stories and books
  • Connecting with music and movement
  • Creating with simple art activities
  • Tasting new foods
  • Exploring water and sand play
  • Outdoor time \